This Database brings together details from the individual sections of The Seed Site where there are several pieces of information about a plant. For over 600 plants, the entry includes the Latin Genus and Species name, the plant Family and the English Common name. There is a photograph of the seed pod, the seed and the seedling, with a brief description and indication of the number of seeds in a pod and information about how I germinated the seed. There is also a close-up picture of the seed.

The Database is in alphabetical order of Latin names:

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Latin (Botanical) Names

If you don't know the Latin name, you can look in the Index of Common Names (click on the box below) or type the Common Name in this Search Box:

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Family Names

Recently, scientists have discovered more about the relationships between plants by examining their dna. As a result, they have moved some plants into different Families. There is also an ongoing process of name checking, so that some plants we know by one name have had their familiar name changed to something else. There's an explanation of why this happens here. To make it easier to find a plant in the Database, I've listed plants by both their old names and the new ones, and I've also highlighted the old and new names, and listed the changes here.

As well as the plants included in the Database, there's information about the seeds, seedpods, and germination results for many more plants in the individual sections. Click on the link below for more details.


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