Seedpods of the Caryophyllaceae Family

In most members of this Family, the seedpod is a capsule, opening with a star shape,
containing many small seeds, and formed from a superior ovary.

Lychnis flos-cuculi Seedpod

The Caryophyllaceae Family includes the following genera:

Agrostemma, Arenaria, Cerastium, Dianthus, Gypsophila, Herniaria, Lyallia, Lychnis, Melandrium, Minuartia, Sagina, Saponaria, Silene, Spergula, Stellaria, Telephium.

In this Family, the ovary is superior, usually with only one chamber, and contains many seeds. It usually opens with several points, like an icing nozzle.

Some examples of seedpods of plants in this Family are:


D. barbata




S. armeria

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